hot spot

Brutality becomes a trend. Men again seek to emphasize their active essence. At the same time, the opinion that they should be only a little more beautiful than monkeys loses relevance. The world, as if anew, is learning to appreciate the beauty of masculinity.

If not a weapon, then a reminder of him. Strictly speaking, a shoulder-belt is belts thrown over the body, intended for carrying cold weapons or firearms. The man in the belt looks like a warrior, who for some time took off his machine gun, put the holster aside and can now relax a little. Barman, whiskey!

As a stylish accessory, the belt is suitable for club parties. But not only. A rendezvous is most likely to be promising if a belt of belt is visible from under the unbuttoned collar of a shirt.

Modern belt can be elastic and light. They do not hamper movements, but keep the body in good shape. Its relief appears more clearly under the crossed straps. In the belt, even the overweight male body looks fit.

Bags can be worn under clothing or on top of it. Many models have a pleasant combination of useful things: it is convenient to fasten something to the straps thrown over the body – a purse, a mobile phone, a flask … The ergonomics of the belt are such that even a weighty object is worn easily on it, because its mass is evenly distributed throughout the entire body. And having thrown on a jacket or jacket, the items on the belt are easy to hide from outsiders.

As trendy wardrobe items, the belts are far from a single standard. Taking its brutality from military equipment, they became much more diverse in materials, textures, styles and shades. From belts crossed on the back or chest, the sword belt is sometimes transformed into a more intricate design that can cover forearms, waist and hips.

As a gift, an elastic belt is convenient because it does not require fitting and can vary depending on individual dimensions. And she will like it – for its surprise, actuality, hint at the courageous attractiveness of the one to whom this surprise is intended.