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One of the frequently asked questions that I am faced with – what to wear a harnesses?
In this article I will talk about three main options.
1. Independently.

If the format of the event implies that part (or all) of the time you will be exposed to the waist is an excellent option. Stylish, very modern and comfortable. Well, and most importantly what image you can create! From brutal to frivolous. You decide depending on which harnesses you select and which bottom you will have.
Very good harnesses looks with short shorts, tight-fitting swimming trunks, mischievous jocks. There are plenty of options, turn on the fanatzia and go!

2. Under the shirt.

If you prefer, this is the most popular format used by the harnesses. If you unbutton 2-3 buttons under the shirt will be visible harnesses. A small piece of it. Believe me, usually this is enough to look at the entire shirt and unbutton the remaining buttons.
This is an option to wear a shoulder strap for something very comfortable when you are going to a bar, a party or a club. If the party atmosphere is so hot that you decide to stay shirtless, in a harnesses you will not look vulgar, this stylish accessory will only give you brutality and statistics.
Under the shirt, or T-shirt, or T-shirt, or jumper – you will be equally comfortable in a harnesses due to its elasticity and softness.

3. On the shirt.
If you put on a fitted shirt, you can wear a shoulder strap on top of it. Extravagant and stylish option. If you do not want to show your body, a great option to create an inaccessible, but sexy image.

If I have not yet convinced you of the multi-functionality, remember Adam Rippon, who put his harnesses on the red carpet of the Oscar-2018 ceremony.

Gennady Mingalev
CEO brand Hot Spot